Environmental Consulting & Compliance

Our mission is to allow our clients to operate without the ongoing concern of environmental and compliance issues.

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Soil Remediation

True Remediation, on site. We offer a safer, more cost effective, and environmentally responsible alternative to “digging and dumping.”

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Water Treatment and Remediation

Using our revolutionary remediation technologies, our engineers custom design treatment solutions unique to the specific contaminants present at each site. 

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Refine Innovations is dedicated to providing our clients with superior environmental consulting and innovative management and remediation services. We offer proven alternatives to traditional environmental practices that are safer, more cost effective, and environmentally responsible.

Environmental Consulting and Compliance

Environmental Consulting & Compliance

We offer you a wide range of environmental engineering, consulting, and remediation services.

Soil Remediation

We use a proprietary system for the remediation of hydrocarbons and chlorides in contaminated soil and water.

Water Treatment & Remediation

Our engineering team custom designs each water treatment solution for the specific contaminants present on each site.

Client Dollars Saved

Tons of Soil Cleaned

Barrels of Water Cleaned

Safety is priority number one at Refine Innovations, and we are proud to work these organizations to ensure safe operations:

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